My Simple Wish For You

Yesterday at sunset I made an offering. I let go of something precious and offered up vows, songs, and wishes.

These are my wishes for you in 2021. If any resonate, you can plant them like seeds for yourself as well…

May you have tiny dreams, dreams that can be fulfilled on any day in any circumstance…

An unexpected smile.

A huge belly laugh so long and hearty it makes your abs sore.

A magical encounter with a bird or other wild creature.

A song that moves you to dance until you are breathless.

A generous gift from a stranger so touching it makes you cry.

An impulse to be that generous stranger who experiences tears of joy because of your kindness.

A night of deep and completely satisfying sleep.

A dream remembered when you wake that lights your day with wonder.

With love,


10 Tips for Avoiding Insanity and Protecting Your Heart

Are you worried you might lose your mind scrolling through your phone? Is your heart overloaded right now with the weight of the world? Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Never fear – I’ve got you! Read on for my top resources, recommendations and ‘hacks’ to make it through this year!

1) Turn your phone off (and every screen for that matter!)

Well, after you finish reading my blog of course! (; The number one action that is keeping me sane lately is having 12 hours a day with my phone turned off. Have you seen your screen time report lately!?

Here are my two hacks:

A) Decide when you want to go to bed at night and schedule an hour before that to shut down all of your screens an anything connected to any ‘G’s, or the World Wide Web!

B) When you wake up, try waking up slowly. Take some time to lie in bed and remember your dreams, write them down. Meditate. Get outside and walk. THEN turn your phone on.

2) Cultivate your tiny dreams

Look at what your tiny dreams are. Dancing? Smiling? Creating Beauty? Cooking? Pick one. Decide you’ll live that dream today -even for just 1 minute.

3) Open up to pleasure – laugh a little!

Ever feel guilty is someone else is in pain and you are ‘feeling good’?Perhaps your ancestral religious lineage tells you it’s not ok -that feeling good is ‘bad’.

Well I’m here to tell you feeling pleasure is our birthright as human mammals with bodies.

You don’t have to go on a 7 day vacation to feel good. Try laughing for 3 minutes for no reason at all!

(It might turn to tears and that’s ok too – laughter and tears are twins)

4) Get Outside

Whenever possible open a window – let the fresh air in. Open your door and walk outside. Get into Nature whenever possible. You will feel better.

5) Remember Who You Are

You are not isolated from the web of life! Remember you have a place here on this earth today -You are connected to all that is. Someone in your sphere needs you -reach out and lend an ear, a hand, a kind word. They will feel better. You will feel better.

6) Go to Water

Get to the ocean or take a hot salt bath. Grab your glass or mug right now and drink some water.

Say ‘Thank You’ to it first. Bless it – it carries that energy.

It's not ‘woo-woo.’ It's science. Try it. You’ll feel better.

7) Turn on some Tunes!

Spotify, Itunes, record player, tape deck… anything. Put on a song – Sing to it, Hum to it, Dance to it!

8) Make sure to get your shut eye

Did you know the brain doesn’t clean itself of waste and toxins until you go to sleep? We are meant to sleep according to the seasons, meaning if it's winter, we sleep more when the nights are long. Dare yourself to try sleeping an extra hour or two tonight

9) Be discerning as to how much and what information you let in

It is so important to surround yourself with the energy and qualities you want to grow in yourself.

I’m not telling you to bury your head in the sand and not know what is going on – I’m inviting you to ask yourself, “Do I need to watch 3 hours of news?”

One of my teachers, Dr. Levry, reminded me on Winter Solstice that our stomach has a limit to how much food we can take in, but our emotional bodies have no limit. We can take in unlimited data – and all the news, all the social media – it is all raw emotion. If you take in too much it can negatively affect your long term mental state.

10) Get Support. Be in Community.

This is essential to our thriving and surviving as social creatures.

Take one breath and ask yourself right now:

“Do I have enough support and connection today?”

If your answer is ‘no’ – reach out to friends, to family, to a therapist, a mentor.

If you are moving through any layers of grief right now (fresh and raw or old and tangled) do reach out to me – I’d love to chat with you for 30 minutes this week.

We can chat about what is moving through you, I can offer one perspective shift or one personalized next step so you can breathe a little deeper today. This is my gift to you:

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