About Us

Meet Jenn

Rev. Jenn Cormier is a Grief Guide who brings twenty years of experience in the Healing Arts to clients who are moving through life transitions, celebrations and grief. Jenn is committed to the evolution of how we relate to death and walk with our grief. She is the creator of the “Transform Your Grief” Seasonal Immersion, a unique Holistic Group Program that addresses the cognitive, emotional, and physical layers of each individual. She shares, “When we can shift our perspective to include our body in our grieving process and see grief as a creative collaborator in our lives, we open the door to healing and peace.”

Meet Our Guest Facilitators

Karma Cloud

Rev Karma Cloud, Minister of Metamorphosis & Birth, is a seasoned Celebrant of Life, Love and Liberation. She specializes in Life Psycle Support, Ubuntu Expressive Arts Education and Mantra Medicine to help humanity mend our minds, feed our souls and become whole again.

Ellen Kittredge

Ellen is an Energy Healer, Nutritional Counselor, Minister of Walking Prayer, and Practitioner of Earth Based Healing Modalities. She has studied extensively with Nature Priests (paqos) in the High Andes of Peru over the last decade, and shares the medicine teachings, healing modalities and initiatory rites gifted to her. Ellen maintains an active private practice where she offers clients worldwide her mentorship in nutrition and holistic healing modalities.

Elana Bell

Elana is a poet, sound practitioner, and creative alchemist. She facilitates artistic rituals and processes that support people in accessing their authentic voice and alchemizing raw experience and emotion into artistic expression. Whether through her soul-stirring poetry, her sacred sound journeys, or through her Creative Fire workshops, Elana creates a space where all people’s voices and stories are heard and deeply valued.

Maria Heartsong

Maria is a healer, an intuitive song channeler and a musical medium. For the past 18 years, she has received hundreds of high vibrational, uplifting and healing songs. Through her sensitivity Maria sometimes gets visits from loved ones that have passed. Through her they transmit soothing heart songs to their families. Maria serves as a bridge through the veil and assists the ones that are grieving to find hope and open up to communicate with their loved ones, who still are there, right by their side.

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