• Are you feeling exhausted, sad or

    disconnected after the death of your Mother?

  • Are you struggling with some form of complex loss

    because of separation, divorce or estrangement?

  • Do you miss your child, your mother, the mother you never had, or are you grieving not becoming be a Mother yourself?

  • Do you feel like you ‘should’ be ‘better’ than this?

  • Are you yearning for support and connection?

If you are said yes to any of those questions

You are warmly welcomed to join us

for a Virtual Brunch to

connect with others

who understand

Bring yourself just as you are!

We are a community of big hearted humans ready to receive you heart


  • 3 Simple Peace Rituals to help you get through the toughest moments

  • Connection to Community

  • Remembering that you are not alone and how to practice receiving more support

Join Us

So you can:

✨ Feel less anxiety and more peace

✨ Feel softer, more relaxed & more connected to others

✨ Open up to new possibilities for your next chapter

Join us to honor what was,

where you are now,

and receive tools to take the next step forward

so you can begin to live fully again.

Hello ~ My name is Jenn!

I specialize in helping people of all spiritual backgrounds and belief systems to transform grief and loss into grace, peace, and joy. With over 20 years of experience in the Healing Arts, I gently guide my clients to heal and find purpose and clarity in their lives.

If you're feeling anxious or weighed down by loss, I want you to know that there is hope. Through my support, you can find lightness and learn to love fully again. I'll help you to honor your grief and move through it, so you can restore your trust in life and embrace the next chapter with joy.

People often refer to me as a Ceremonial Artist because I bring beauty into dark places. In fact, my own experience with grief after my father's death in 2012 inspired me to become a devoted student of grief for a year. Through that journey, I discovered that grief can be a Wisdom Bringer and a Creative Collaborator, helping me to remember my purpose here on earth. That experience became one of the biggest gifts of my life.

As the founder of 'The GRACE Collective' and for Women' creator of the 'Walk Through Grief With Grace' Podcast, I've helped thousands of people overcome physical and emotional pain. My approach as a Somatic Healing Arts Practitioner is to help you be kinder to yourself, so you can feel good again and show up fully for your family and community. By honoring the Sacred in your life, you can live out your unique legacy.

l look forward to supporting you in your healing journey. Let's work together to help you move through your pain and find joy again.

With Reverence,


Praise from Jenn's Clients:

"Before working with Jenn, I was struggling with letting go of my mom's toxic words after her death. Now I have tools for healing and forgiveness that allow me to be more authentic and reach out for more joy in my life. Jennifer has so much insight and is an expert at active listening. I highly recommend her and any program she offers!"

~ Myra Craig

"I met Jenn after the death of my Mother and Father - after working with her I'm totally blown away! Jenn is the absolute best Grief Guide to help you transform from being painfully frozen in place to experiencing radical self-love, community, and expansiveness. 5+ stars!"

~ Angela Apodaca

"I had been my husband's caregiver for years. In the months after his death, I was in so much pain and the hardest thing I did each day was getting out of bed. The work I've done with Jenn this past year has created a sacred space for my fragmented heart to heal and become whole again. I have grown in so many ways - now I am dancing, renovating a new home, and the light is back on in my life again! My heart is filled with so much gratitude."

~ Meg Streeter Lauck

“After the death of my mother, Jenn helped me see my life in a new way. I’m finally moving forward with my newfound purpose to create a foundation to help and ease the suffering of young people. Now I can recognize all the gifts in my life and I celebrate them regularly. This is HUGE! The dark clouds have lifted and I feel Hopeful - this is truly priceless!”

~ Leslie Rosen

Join us on Mother's Day

Sunday, May 12th

@10 am Pacific Time

Our Community will gather for 90 minutes to meet friends and

learn tools to feel lighter & more connected